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Satya has given rise to many social revolutions in the places wherever he has worked, the fundamental key that drives satya is his passion to address the social issues in a more innovative way to make it more appealing. Satya feels that most of the so called Social Entrepreneurs in the country are busy increasing their wealth in the name of social cause. Politicians often tend to carry the logo of Social Worker to do their regular business.

Satya coined Zero to Billion concept to raise the voice of socially underserved boys who are denied for education thus literacy because of food. Satya transformed Akshayapatra, World’s biggest NGO-Run school meal program with modern communication techniques. With Wockhardt Foundation, Satya innovated the idea to Create an Army of One Million Warriors for “Developed India: a Shared Dream” . using technology to create a community of warriors to support its mission and work towards creating a better life today and tomorrow for the socially and economically underprivileged section of the society, Satya’s initiative saw the Wockhardt foundation build a community of over one million warriors using modern cost effective tools like social networking, blogging, and discussion forums among other things. Working closely with overseas experts in this new age initiative, Wockhardt Foundation has emerged as a strong social foundation today.

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