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Jai Mumbai is our small Tribute to the Martyrs who laid down their life fighting to rebuild Mumbai into a great city. Our Heartfelt Condolences to the families of all the Brave Officers and soldiers who lost their life fighting in a tragic and rather mournful incident this same day a year ago. The Sacrifices of the 14 policeman from the Mumbai Police and 3 from the NSG will always be remembered for a long-long time to come.

Today.. even after those hundreds of Attacks.. right from the 1993-serial-blasts to the 26th Nov 08 Attack on Mumbai.. people resumed their normal life style to their old fast-rush-mode again pushing each other in this Rat Race.. And we refer it as the "Spirit of Mumbai"or rather we want to call it the "Spirit of India". Hope this Spirit induces the responsibility factor within every spirited Indian.

We don’t have control in a democracy over our borders so we can never have the same security system or as tight border controls as those in an autocracy or dictatorship. Also, because of our democratic roots, there is always a fine balance between the state’s basic obligation to protect the life and property of a citizen and to protect individual rights. But we can do more elsewhere, if countries follow up the pledges they have made [on combating terrorism] with action. We have Security Council resolutions in place. We have to ensure they are implemented, so terrorists can’t hit and run across borders. There should be no sanctuaries. They should know they will be hunted down wherever they are.

We at Wockhardt Foundation through Jai Mumbai hope that this will also signal to the world at large that terrorism is a menace that has to be handled globally. It cannot be compartmentalized. This city will run in memory of those who lost their lives and for the heroes who helped us during those tragic moments of that terror attack. An event of this magnitude will be our first challenge in spatial management after 26/11. Partcipation here is not only for fitness or altruism, but also to exorcise the ghosts that the 10 machine-gun toting terrorists had set free on that fateful night of 26/11.

Satya Brahma
Jai Mumbai Conclave 09

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