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Satya had demonstrated rare display of remarkable leadership at the time of crisis & has transformed the situations by showing exceptional qualities in leadership leading from the front. Satya is perceived as someone who has a magical ability to lead a group of people and transform any situation in their favor. As a charismatic leader, Satya is proven to be more effective because of the power he wields as a result of his charm and grace. It is also easier for Satya to develop trust among people by ensuring their involvement in the process of growth and development. He is someone who can clearly visualize the future. Thus, people almost attribute to Satya a God-like quality, and generally, follow Satya to the last word. The charismatic leader can, thus, also be described as the visionary leader. so passionate, as to rub off his vision and passion on his followers.

As transformational leader who cares about the growth of his people, and ensures the same by convincing his people to comply with his vision. Satya is enthusiastic, and committed towards achieving the goal, which may or may not be clear. Even so, Satya will readily participate in exploring different possibilities that will lead to the goal. Even if the vision is unclear, the direction will always be clear with a transformational leader. Therefore, Satya may be similar to a participative or democratic leader, who involves his followers in the decision-making process. Satya will gather large groups of people through various ceremonies to pump them up with the same level of enthusiasm he feels. The most important characteristic of a transformational leader is the deep level of commitment he has toward attaining his goal. Satya appealed to a large audience and led to a revolution in the way black people were perceived.

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